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Great Promotions That Won't Break the Budget

A Remarkable New e-book Full of Powerful Promotions …and most are FREE!

Powerful promotion is essential to building recognition of your book. And that means more sales. Read these shocking statistics to find out why promoting is so critical.

On average, 79% of all books published sell fewer than 99 copies. A report by highly respected Book Scan states that fact. Far too often, POD publishers produce results that are even worse. One of the most recognized, which will go nameless, averaged just 33 copies per book sold over the past six year period.

Your challenge is to make your book stand out above the 500,000 new titles that arrive on the market yearly. It is to make the reading public aware of your book.



Buzz, Brand, Build Book

If They Don't Know About Your Book, They Can't Buy It

Excuses, excuses from authors who don't promote properly. They range from "I don't understand enough about it" to "It's too costly. I can't afford those PR firms."

No More Excuses. Using this e-book, you won't need excuses. Look at what it offers you:
Ten of the most effective techniques to promote your book both on and offline. A full chapter is devoted to each, explaining in detail how to implement it and supplying a list of contacts and resources to make it happen.


Only one of the ten requires a fee. That's hard to believe. But read this book, and you'll quickly be convinced that you now have the tools to create a powerful program that will generate sales of your book and polish your reputation as an expert/author.
As a bonus, at the end of every chapter, a list of resources is there for you. Most books tell you what to do, and let you founder on your own. Not "Buzz, Brand, Build." It gives you the carefully vetted tools that you need to make it all happen. Follow them, and you'll be guaranteed a winner.

A SAMPLE OF These Promotional Powerhouses. They're Free!

  • Reach tens of thousands of potential book buyers through article syndication on the Internet that doesn't cost you a penny.
  • Develop a presence in print publications and become a resource that journalists will contact when they write articles pertaining to your specialty, all at no charge.
  • Be heard by thousands of listeners and seen by tens of thousands of viewers. We'll show you how to be interviewed on radio and TV- local, regional and national. We'll give you the resources to contact producers. All at no cost.
  • Learn how to brand yourself as an expert…become the person everyone turns to when they need information about your chosen topic. It's free.
  • We introduce you to what we consider the most effective social networks for authors: "LinkedIn," "Facebook" and "Twitter." There you can spread the word about your book to endless numbers of potential buyers. And you don't spend a penny.
  • Book reviews and endorsements are one of the most effective promotional techniques. This book shows you how to secure them easily and at no cost.
  • You know the value of Amazon when it comes to selling your book. But what you probably don't know are the various tools on the site that will boost your sales appreciably, and they are all free.

So don't waste another valuable minute. This has to be one of the greatest values you will ever buy. When you purchase the Buzz-Brand-Build e-book here on the Wise Writer website, you receive a substantial discount. It normally sells for $15.95. But it's yours for a mere $9.95!

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What the Experts Are Saying

You don't have to spend fortunes promoting your book; it’s all here. Dan Poynter, Publishing industry's leading guru

Get this book! It will answer your authorial questions and instruct you on how to get the most out of writing your book. Mike Darling, President Tampa Writers Alliance

Buzz, Brand, Build is one of those books that every author or aspiring author should first read thoroughly, then keep in a very handy place on the personal/professional bookshelf. Paul McNeese, Director of The Authors Roost

Charles Jacobs distills his years of wisdom gained from both the writing and business worlds into an instant classic on how to promote the printed word. Paul Bruno, Host of the Career Czar program

Buzz Book

The Buzz Book

An E-book Full of Powerful Promotions

No book can succeed without strong promotion. Ten highly effective techniques to brand yourself as an author/expert and build sales for your book. They’re all free or very modestly priced. Use it to build strong book sales and brand yourself as an expert.

Follow this tried and true low-budget program and watch your sales soar.
Dan Poynter
Author, lecturer, leading publishing guru