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Begin by clicking on the "Writing" page in the Navigation Bar, and realize how easy writing your book can be if you organize yourself properly. Move to the page on "Publishing" to help you choose the best way to find a publisher and see your book in print. Then click on the "Promotion" page. Discover powerful methods to market and sell your book and brand you as an author/expert. That opens the door to speaking engagements, broadcast appearances, coaching assignments and a heads-up on future books you want to write.

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Dig in, and read through every page. They're packed with information that every author needs. Many have called it the most informative site on the Web for writers.

It's a free, virtual course on how to become a successful published writer. Browse through page after page of the information you need…Learn from more than 50 original articles on writing, publishing, marketing and promoting your book. Take advantage of hefty discounts on two highly praised books for authors to help you reach your goal.

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Write the book you've dreamed about…and do it now! Combine the informative, free articles on this website with the guidance found in "The Writer Within You." You'll have everything you need to know to get started.

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Most newcomers and even experienced writers are confused when it comes to choosing the best way to publish their books. The articles you find here and the insightful help of "The Writer Within You" will guide you to the best choice.

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Readers have to know your book exists before they can buy it. Read the informative articles on this site to discover cost-free, dynamic promotional techniques online, in print, on the air (broadcast). Combine them with the insights in the "Buzz, Brand and Build" e-book.

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Two Great Books To Guide You

Dig in still deeper. Read either or both books shown below. You won't need anything more to help you become a published author and sell your books. (Buy them at a discount here on the site.) Then put your exciting idea on paper, turn it into a book and introduce it to a wide cross-section of readers. Yes, you too can be a successful published writer.

These are not cookie-cutter approaches. They're tried and tested and designed to work effectively. Learn the basics of writing in your genre. Understand your publishing options. Discover low-cost and free secrets to marketing and promoting your book.

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This gold and bronze medal winner has been named a Best Book of the Year seven times. Originally written for retirees, it is now used by thousands of writers of all ages. It's a complete overview of writing, publishing and promoting available in just one handy volume.

One of the most important books you can own if you're interested in getting published Laurie Shirley, Amazon Top Reviewer

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Your book's come off the press. You're ready to promote it. Hiring a PR firm costs far more than you can afford. But you can do it yourself for almost no cost. Use this remarkable e-book to lead you through 10 promotions. Use it to build strong book sales and brand yourself as an expert. Almost all of these promotions are free.

Follow this tried and true low budget program and watch your book sales soar Dan Poynter, author, lecturer, leading publishing guru

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Enjoy your own "roll-a-dex" of highly informative articles. Click on "Library" in the navigation bar to reach the large directory of published articles. You'll find them on every subject related to writing, publishing, marketing and promoting a book and building your reputation as an author/expert. In fact, you'll find articles on all aspects of functioning as a writer. They're all sorted for easy reference.

Sift through the list and choose the articles that will help you most. Click on the title to bring up the complete article. Check the directory often. As new articles are added on a regular basis, you'll be the first to see them.

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